Package Costs

& Cost Effective

Package Costs

Transparent & Cost Effective

Never beaten on like for like price guaranteed

With quality franchise development packages ranging from £6.5k – £9.5k paid in small installments, we offer the best value franchise development and marketing programme in the marketplace today.

Most importantly we create franchises of the highest quality, which provided us with an advantage when it comes to selling your franchise across the UK. This also ensures your business is robust enough to handle the implications of scale, be that a few units or national coverage. 

Reasons for significant price disparity

You will notice very varied pricing when looking into franchising your company. Proposals can range from £1500 for basic PDF documents to £40,000.

Franchise consultants develop franchise brands to varying quality and effectiveness. Many consultants are paid for delivering a body of work, after which the success of the brand is out of their interest. Being realistic, if there’s little long term financial interest in your future outcome, the reality is that you are on your own, which often becomes quite apparent soon after your franchise has been developed and paid for.

Lowest cost providers

The cheapest DIY options offer templated documents with limited support, tailoring and depth. We spend up to 200 hours building a professional franchise on behalf of our clients. With a DIY pack, you can expect to spend the same amount of time we do, should you wish to do things properly, not forgetting to budget for third party costs towards design, trademarks and marketing. Having seen many of such document packs, they are either very dated, low quality or very basic, sometimes all 3! These options can often lead to false starts, wasted money and issues later on. Projects can become side lined for more urgent tasks or never completed, they are certainly not the most ideal solution if you are already busy running a successful company worthy of franchising. There’s more to creating a winning franchise than writing an operations manual and franchise agreement.

You should review any franchise templates prior to purchase, do you believe a low cost £1500 pack is going to leave you in a position to sell your business as a franchise opportunity to others between £5000 – £30,000?

In truth, many of these PDF options are no more than “get rich quick” schemes, with the company you’re paying being the only ones getting rich. In reality, in order to secure your initial franchisee you should budget at least a few thousand pounds towards marketing alone.

Individuals buy franchises primarily down to reduced risk,  support and industry knowledge”.  Take our word for it, a few PDF’s documents do not convey this message and prospects do not convert. After a quick demonstration,  it will become quite clear there’s so much more to it.

Avoid false starts

When speaking to franchisors who are disappointed in the results they are getting, there’s little surprise most have been formed using PDF templates. A franchise must be developed to a level worthy of attracting franchisee investment. Other franchises struggle due to not being marketed effectively, often because honest conversations have not been had from the outset. This often occurs as franchise consultants may hold back information should it compromise clients going ahead and handing over fees.

Many franchises are brought to market that simply should not have been formed or at least required the business model improving prior to franchising. If your business is not ready to franchise or we believe we shall not make enough franchise sales, we will simply provide you with this feedback. Unlike other consultants our business model is based on selling franchises, we uniquely operate a results based franchise sales and marketing agency, which produces the greatest contribution towards our profitability. We do not rely upon fee’s from setting up franchises that do not go anywhere, if we feel more work is required before creating your franchise, we shall simply advise exactly what actions you should take before starting.

If you feel you can only afford a few thousand pounds to turn your business into franchise, it should first be considered if your business is profitable enough to be franchised in the first instance. You will ultimately find it would have been more sensible to hold onto your funds and reinvest into improving your own business first.

Expensive options

The most expensive options are hard to justify, especially having seen several of these projects delivered. We deliver the same level of work for a fraction of the price. Expensive formations of course represent a higher potential loss. You cannot buy your way into creating a successful franchise, like any business, success will be determined by a range of factors which exist internally and within the wider industry and market. All is not lost however, at least the franchise consultant will be delighted with their hefty fee!

Bringing franchising into the future

Do consider if the franchise consultancy you are speaking with have the ability to create an aspirational franchise brand for you. Are they the right fit to represent and sell your brand? We offer the right mix of results and value, delivered by a likeable team who are able to develop rapport with franchisee prospects. We are a friendly and straight forward team, who more often than not develop long term friendships with our clients.

Left high & dry?

We take many calls from franchisors who feel this way. Now you have been made aware, it is your responsibility to read between the lines. When it’s being suggested that support will be given towards franchise sales, you may want to consider the following. ​

  • ​What is the infrastructure behind this promise?
  • How many franchises have they sold last year?
  • Which successful franchises do they work with today?
  • Have you heard of or seen any of the franchise brands being put forward for reference?
  • Are evening & weekend franchise sales services being offered? (when most prospective franchisee’s are available)
  • How current are they?
  • Are they the right voice for your brand? and engaging with your franchisees?
  • What marketing skills and qualifications do they have?
  • What CRM system is being used? Are they operating a slick automated text and email response service?
  • Can prospects book automated appointments?
  • Do they operate a robust prospect follow up and nurture programme?
  • How hard are they going to work towards your brands success?