Franchise Software

All-In-One Software Solution Used By Leading Franchisors Worldwide

Our platform offers more than just Technology, it’s a full franchise management solution refined over decades of experience and delivered through your own branded Franchise Portal and App.

Why Choose Our Software?

Create Your Very Own Franchise Portal & Branded App

Attract quality franchise partners with the most professional systems which demonstrates your commitment to franchising and supporting their success. 

Franchisee Recruitment CRM

Our professional and efficient process has been refined from managing more than one-million franchise enquiries and one-thousand franchise sales. Generate consistent flow of appointments from qualified prospects, increased conversations, and ultimately drive franchise revenue.

Our end-to-end solution automates everything franchisors need from initial lead generation and engagement through to signing of franchise agreements, onboarding, community and ongoing management all within your very own environment.

Why Choose Our Software?

Automated Lead Capturing

Cut down manual data entry and human error. Website form submissions are instantly added to the CRM for prompt follow up.

Real-Time Lead Engagement

Stand out from the competition with swift personalized outreach across SMS, email, and automated nurture flows. Asset release and customized messaging drives higher engagement.

Instant Meeting Scheduling

Enable prospects to self-schedule initial consultations through real-time calendar integration. Reduce back-and-forth while capturing leads when interest is peaked.

Streamlined Marketing Assets & Legal Documentation

Instantly provide prospects with brochures, webinars, financial models, disclosure docs, and franchise agreements.

Simplified Agreement Signing

Allow prospects to electronically sign franchise agreements and related documents right within the platform for a frictionless closing process.

Instant Access Gateway To Your Franchisee Portal

Provide franchisees with access to your training portal, university, and community platform for complete onboarding.

Franchise Engagement & Community Feature

Keep your franchisees engaged,  drive franchisee satisfaction and retention with our bespoke engagement platform. Discussion forums and peer recognition features build community.

With our end-to-end franchise software, you get branded tools to manage recruitment, operations, training and engagement all from one intuitive platform designed specifically for franchise brands. 

Franchisee On-Boarding, Help Your Franchisees Into Business With Ease

Save time and on-board your franchisees faster with our comprehensive program. Set tasks and track progress. Rest assured, you are covered with a standardised repeatable and trackable process which offers a reduced time to franchise royalty collection. 

Your Own Bespoke Franchise University

Franchisees can access training, updates, events or even make purchases directly from our platform with individual franchisee logins. The structured learning path reinforces brand standards and compliance. Access completion reports to verify training comprehension, and surveys to collect actionable feedback.

Create customised a knowledge base, from courses to operations manual, videos, quizzes and materials. 

Empower & Manage Your Franchise Network

Our configurable technology revolutionizes how modern franchise networks operate. Providing performance monitoring, data-driven insights across network to Track key franchisee performance metrics like sales, traffic and reviews, whilst identifying needs and maintain brand standards.

Franchisees gain a turnkey infrastructure with everything needed to start, run, and grow their location all in one intuitive platform.