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Everything You Need For Franchising Your Business In London & Throughout The UK

Franchise My Business In London
Franchise My Business In London

The UK’s Leading Franchise Development & Growth Platform

The UK’s Leading Franchise
Development & Growth Platform

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35+ Years Combined Experience Franchising Businesses In London & Nationwide

Grow Your Business Throughout London & Beyond With Franchise My Business

Do you find you’re often asking yourself  “I want to franchise my business in London”? Then you can accelerate your business growth in London with our All-in-one franchise solution. Overcome the twin challenges of expansion effortlessly as franchisees invest in your brand, allowing you to reach new locations while bypassing the complexities of staff recruitment and management. With our expertise you can harness the dynamic London market, ensuring consistent brand representation and customer satisfaction. Choose us to franchise your business and unlock the potential for sustainable growth in London, UK.

Benefit from our comprehensive support, encompassing everything from initial assessment to ongoing training and marketing support, to ensure your franchise network flourishes and remains competitive in the bustling London market.

Franchise My Business In London

Discover Why Hundreds Of Brands Have Chosen Franchise My Business To Expand In London, UK

Unlock the potential of your business with Franchise My Business and join the ranks of successful brands expanding into London. Our expert team of franchise growth consultants offers tailored guidance, streamlining the process from initial assessment to franchisee recruitment and ongoing support. With rapid ROI achievable in most cases with the first franchisee, you’ll enjoy the freedom to focus on growing your business, not just running it. Benefit from our local insights into the London market, comprehensive support, and years of experience to ensure your franchise network thrives.

80+ Franchise Clients

Results Guaranteed

Discover our exclusive franchise guarantee, where we are compensated upon delivery, and our clients commonly experience a complete return on investment from their initial franchisee.

Grow Your Brand In London

Uncover the genuine potential of your business and achieve fulfilment. Expand with dedicated franchise partners instead of disengaged employees. As your franchise network grows, you’ll have the opportunity to exit your business for a substantial sum.

Franchisee Recruitment, Marketing & Software Included To Franchise Your Business In London

Franchise My Business has been established by seasoned industry experts who have effectively overseen and expanded some of the worlds leading franchise brands.

Franchise In London Within Weeks

We provide all the essentials for your success (more than 40 tasks) and present the most comprehensive franchise solution available in the UK. As a result, your franchise can be launched with minimal personal input in just a matter of days.

Franchise Business Development In London

Turning businesses such as yours into multi-unit establishments across the nation. Providing a financially prudent pathway into franchising, our approach delivers unparalleled value within the industry, enhancing your likelihood of success while carefully managing risk and reward.

Franchisee Recruitment In London

A comprehensive marketing platform and franchisee recruitment service tailored to ensure your success.

Franchise Software Available For London

Access your personalised Franchise Portal & App. Trusted by prominent franchisors globally, it empowers franchise networks to excel.

Features Include:

  • Franchisee Engagement & Community Feature.
  • Franchisee On-boarding.
  • Bespoke Franchise Training University.

Franchise My Business Advisory In London

The majority of our clientele comprises of established franchisors, whom we assist in expanding through consultancy and top-tier franchisee recruitment solutions.

We Support Franchise Start-Up's & Some Of The Largest Franchises Worldwide

We Support London Franchise Start-Up's & Some Of The Largest Franchises Worldwide

Jenny Bartlet - Laser Clinics UK

Franchise My Business have been a really easy team to deal with and very personable, they took our actual franchise program as something that is personal to them as well.

We Measure Our Success Based On The Growth Of Your London Franchises

Brian Keay – Revolution Records

“We were pleased with Franchise My Business’s fees”


Jess Hill – Showtime Circus

“I had always wondered, can I really Franchise My Business?”


Nitin Techandi – Robothink

“I wanted to Franchise My Business with a guarantee”


Sarah Jane – Disco Totz

“How much did it cost to Franchise My Business”


We Look Forward To Franchising Your Business In London

Commencing with an initial discovery call, our aim is to offer tangible value while addressing any queries you may have. During this stage, we’ll present an overview of the franchise market and assess the feasibility and potential of franchising your business. If all goes smoothly, we’ll advance to a thorough video meeting to showcase our practical approach and our ability to achieve results that surpass others.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our business model provides a practical guarantee.  As a true partner, aligned with the success of your franchise, we only move forward when you are satisfied and provide results based success only fees and further guarantees related to marketing initiates.

The timeline required for setting up a franchise can fluctuate between a few weeks and a few months, and shall require a limited investment of your time (several days) spread over this period.

Franchise fees usually encompass an initial upfront franchise fee to join your franchise network, typically £5k – £25k, plus ongoing royalties, typically 8%-12% of turnover or fixed fee based, usually over 5 years. Fees vary by industry and brand, but in most cases our clients achieve a full R.O.I from their first recruited franchise partner. There are often additional fees which are charged for national marketing contributions and margin on product supply. 

Protecting your brand is paramount when franchising your business. We ensure your franchise agreement along with other key documentation includes strict guidelines pertaining to brand usage & operational procedures. 

There are many channels, we manage significant marketing budgets and know what works, so much so, we provide marketing and are paid on results.