Why the franchise industry is booming

In times of uncertainty, the franchise industry has always been resilient.

Meet the new franchise businesses

From property to podiatry and inventors to footballers, ten new businesses in the franchise industry have launched to the market this month. Within the last few weeks, Franchise My Business has launched: National Property Auction, Club 300, Little Inventors, Pro Elite Football, Rev’s Records, Radiance London, RISE Fitness, RoboThink, Scooperb and The Eaton Practice.

How to franchise correctly

Although each business will attract franchisees from a variety of backgrounds and ages, they all share a common interest in that they wanted support to ensure that they franchise correctly and provide as much guidance to their franchisees as possible. “We’ve had an incredibly busy few months launching these businesses into franchising but that is just the start for us,” explains  James. “We offer a unique service in that we create a long-term partnership with each franchisor to assist them in every element of franchising.”

What to expect from a franchise specialist

Once initial contact has been made, James and his team will spend time researching the company and its sector to provide each client with the tools they need to ensure a clear path to success for each franchisee investing in the business. “We don’t believe that it is enough to create documents to help a business step into franchising,” adds James. “The partnership between franchisor and franchisee should be a long and prosperous one. We take the view that it is crucial to create strong and meaningful partnerships to ensure both the franchisor and franchisee are committed to the same successful outcomes.” 

How to choose a franchise specialist

Although small businesses may be attracted to the possibility of expanding through franchising, James advises that it is imperative to do it with the full support from a specialist. “When done properly, franchising can take a small business to new heights, increasing income and providing a profitable exit,” says James. “However, franchisors must understand the risks if not done by experts who understand the industry. There are reputational risks and huge costs involved if the ground work is not set out properly.”

On-going support

Once the business is franchised, the real work starts with ongoing monitoring, support systems and attracting new franchisees to join the network. “Some franchisors struggle with recruitment, which is where Franchise My Business offers a full service solution,” adds James. “We help with all aspects of franchisee recruitment through our detailed industry knowledge and marketing as well as our own unique franchise recruitment software. We work with each client on a bespoke basis, ensuring our work is completely tailored to their requirements.”

What to ask a franchise specialist

  • Experience – it is not enough to have a business background, has your consultant got a proven track record with franchising.
  • Research – a franchise consultant should spend time with you to get to understand your business and your particular needs and goals.
  • Proven results – can your franchise consultant put you in touch with other clients to show what they did for them.

Get in touch

If you want to find out what possibilities are out there, Franchise My Business is currently booking informal introductory chats to discuss options. James and his team work with new and leading franchise brands and offer a low fee or success fee only, creating opportunities for every small business looking to scale up. To book your slot with James and the team visit: www.franchisemybusiness.co.uk or email info@franchisemybusiness.co.uk 

About Franchise My Business

Franchise My Business are leaders in franchise development and franchise recruitment. Key figures in the company include:

Benjamin Black MCIM, Franchise Marketing and Business Development

Adam Dudley, Franchise Executive

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