Franchise Development

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Can your business be franchised? Franchising enables you to recruit committed and uniquely motivated partners. Franchise My Business enables you to grow your business quicker while reducing your capital investment, without the need of a large workforce.

Starting with a discovery call, focussing on delivering value to you whilst answering any questions you may have. We explain the franchise market and discuss the viability & potential of your business. Should you wish to progress we can arrange a video meeting to demonstrate how we deliver in practice and get results.

Franchise Development

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Do you want to simply form a franchise or do you want to create a successful network of franchisees and grow revenue? We focus on the latter like nobody else.

As for the other end of the market (providing template documents), the most common result? Wasted money. Leaving you with a low quality franchise that will struggle to make sales in the franchise marketplace. The franchise industry being an unregulated sector, would certainly benefit from tighter governance. It is imperative that your franchise is developed with the adequate depth and professionalism or your marketing spend will be wasted and you will be exposed to ongoing operational & legal risks.

We Focus On Areas That Count With Proven Solutions

Our business is to grow and improve your profitability. We cost effectively address the biggest opportunities and challenges for both new, small and some of the world’s leading franchisors alike.

Our systems have been designed to solve your pain points whilst saving you time & money.

Franchise Development Breakdown

Phase One: The Business Deep Dive

In this section, ‘The Deep Dive’ we will seek to thoroughly understand the systems, processes, and marketing initiatives of your business. This information will be crucial in developing a successful franchise model and the information we gather will be essential for the production of key documentation for your franchise.

Phase Two: Franchise Positioning & Commercials

At this stage we will seek to identify your franchises positioning
in the market and confirm some key commercial details. It is important to identify franchise positioning and during franchise development because it will play a critical role in attracting the right type of franchisees and establishing a strong brand identity. By carefully deciding on the commercials, franchisors can differentiate themselves from competitors and create a unique selling proposition that resonates with potential franchisees.

Phase Three: Franchise Financial Modelling

Franchise financial modelling refers to the process of creating a detailed financial plan for a franchise business. This involves projecting the expected revenue and expenses for the franchise business over a certain period of time, typically three years. The financial modelling process takes into account various factors such as the initial investment required to start the franchise, ongoing costs such as rent and salaries, and the expected revenue from the business. In this section we will also cover assessment on franchise territories and properties where applicable.

Phase Four: Franchise Business Planning

Franchise business planning is a critical component of franchise development as it helps to ensure the viability and profitability of the franchise system, attract potential franchisees, and monitor and manage the performance of the franchise system over time. Franchise business planning is also important for attracting potential franchisees. When considering investing in a franchise system, potential franchisees will want to see a clear business plan that demonstrates the potential for profitability and return on investment.

Phase Five: Franchise Documentation: The Sales Brochure & FDD

In this phase, the focus shifts towards solidifying franchise documentation and forecasting franchisor growth. This involves meticulous attention to detail in Franchisor Growth Forecasting, Financial Projections, and Expenses & Staff Ratios. Additionally, efforts are concentrated on finalising crucial documents such
as Brochure, Franchisee Financials, and key franchisor financials. By completing these tasks, the franchise system is equipped with comprehensive documentation and insightful forecasts, laying the groundwork for informed decision-making and successful execution.

Phase Six: Franchise Documentation Pt:1

In this pivotal stage, the focus shifts to the formalisation
of legal agreements essential for franchise operations. The Franchise Agreement, Non-Disclosure/Confidentiality Agreement, and Letter of Intent & Deposit Agreement. These documents establish the legal framework governing the franchisor-franchisee relationship, safeguarding proprietary information and outlining the terms of engagement. By meticulously handling the handover of these key legal documents, both parties ensure clarity, transparency, and legal compliance, laying a solid foundation for a mutually beneficial partnership within the franchise system.

Phase Seven: Franchise Documentation Pt: 2

In this crucial stage, we conduct a retrospective review of previous franchise documentation if required whilst focusing on the delivery of two key components: The Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) and the Multi-Area Development Agreement (if applicable).

Phase Eight: Intro to The GIB

In this stage, we shift our focus to outlining the key content for the franchisee onboarding process. This involves meticulously designing a comprehensive onboarding program that ensures consistency and effectiveness across all franchise units. Our goal is to systemise this process, transforming it into a streamlined “Getting Into Business” (GIB) application. By developing a structured onboarding process, we aim to provide franchisees with the necessary guidance, resources, and support to navigate their journey seamlessly. From training to operational and legal setup, the GIB application will serve as a blueprint for franchisees, empowering them to transition smoothly into their new business venture with minimal unnecessary intervention from yourself as a franchisor. This systematic approach not only enhances efficiency and standardisation but also fosters a sense of confidence and preparedness among franchisees. By equipping them with the tools and knowledge needed for success, we lay a solid foundation for a thriving and sustainable franchise network.

Phase Nine: Franchise Sales & Marketing

During the franchise marketing phase, we will focus on developing a comprehensive marketing strategy that effectively positions the franchise in the marketplace. We will recommend a marketing plan that outlines the key messaging and tactics that we will use to promote the franchise. Additionally, we will recommend budgets for various marketing activities, considering all the costs associated. By developing a comprehensive marketing plan and identifying appropriate budgets, we can ensure that the franchise is well-positioned for success and that we are able to attract the right franchisees to help grow the business.

Phase Ten: Go To Market Preparation

As we gear up to enter the market, we focus on key components essential for success. This includes setting up the Sales CRM initially in “view only” mode, refining Franchisee Scoring & Personas for targeted outreach and recruitment, and strategizing tips for meeting potential franchisees. Additionally, we meticulously review launch advertisements to ensure maximum impact and effectiveness. By addressing these components, we’re poised to make a strong and well-prepared entrance into the market, setting the stage for successful franchise growth.

Phase Eleven: Getting Into Business (GIB)/ Pre Launch Advert Review

In this phase, we focus on finalising comprehensive onboarding, training, branding, and HR initiatives critical for franchisee success. We provide comprehensive HR Manuals to ensure organisational consistency and compliance. Your Franchisee Training E-Book equips new franchisees with essential knowledge and skills whilst providing essential support in the sales process. Franchise Brand Guidelines maintain brand integrity and consistency. Finally, we release Full Software Access, Your Getting into Business/ University & Branded App, empowering franchisees with tools and resources for seamless integration and ongoing success within the franchise network.

Franchisee Recruitment

During this phase, the franchise development is complete, and we will focus on providing ongoing support to ensure the success of the franchise. Additionally, we can update and refine marketing strategies to accelerate the franchise’s growth.