Franchise Consultants
London UK

Results Driven
& Cost Effective

Franchise Consultants
London UK

Results Driven & Cost Effective

Industry Leading, Unrivalled Services From Our London UK, Franchise Consultants

Our Perspective Sets Us Apart, With Winning Franchise Consultants Based In London, UK, Leveraging Cutting-Edge Technology

We recognise that franchising a business entails both investment and financial risk for our clients. We provide a professional service at an affordable cost. Our business model does not depend on franchise formation income; instead, we concentrate on post-brand-launch activities in the franchise market, such as Franchise Sales.

We align ourselves with your investment return and future profitability, akin to a genuine partner, which is why we are consistently chosen over our competitors.

A Broad Array Of Sectors

Having cultivated franchises across diverse sectors and overseen top franchises in the UK, our reputation holds immense value to us as franchise consultants based in London, UK.

Our adept team unites under a distinctive service, delivering a fresh approach to franchise development centred on tangible results and client revenue. Crucially, we foster enduring relationships, bolstering and expediting franchise expansion.

We collaborate with both emerging and established franchise brands, primarily operating on low or success-based fees, fostering genuine partnerships that ensure mutual benefit for our partners. It has taken years of experimentation to reach this point. Capitalise on our expertise, knowledge, and track record in franchising today and become our next success story.

Our Franchise Consultants & Team Members

Martin Hawthorne

International Franchise Development 

As former Chief Executive of Cash Converters UK, UK Franchising at CeX and an ex-franchisee, Martin is one of the most experienced consultants in UK franchising today, having started a career in franchising more than 25 years ago. Martin specialises in international franchise growth and franchisee network management.

Lewis Bidgood

Head Of Franchise Development

Lewis has extensive experience in new franchise development and has worked in leadership roles for some of the largest franchises worldwide, including Anytime Fitness & Hyundai Motors Company.

Rebecca Black


Rebecca has 20+ years executive & financial leadership experience. Much of this time has been in the franchise sector, serving more than 150 franchise clients across franchise development, operations, marketing and sales. 

 Rebecca currently focuses on further developing our franchise platform and international expansion.

Adam Dudley

Head Of Franchisee Recruitment

Adam is an expert in franchisee recruitment with 100’s of Franchise acquisitions across multiple sectors. Adam develops and implements sales processes for franchise brands, guiding prospective franchisees from initial enquiry to signing.

Ben Black MCIM

Non-Executive Director

With 20+ years working with 100’s of businesses from start-ups to global enterprises, Ben has contributed to more than 200 franchise sales across multiple franchise sectors.

Holding advanced professional marketing qualifications from the Chartered Institute of Marketing, Ben provides advisory support to our executive team, including go-to-market & digital strategy.

Mitchell Key

Web & Graphic Design Specialist

Mitch is our in house web and graphic designer with a strong passion for branding. He has years of experience working across multiple industries, which gained him a diverse skill set and deep understanding of expanding your online visibility and brand recognition.

Nitin Unadkat

Non-Executive Chartered Accountant

Nitin founded one of the leading franchise accountancy practices in the UK. Unadkat & Co and Calculated accountants and serves hundreds of franchises nationwide. Nitin is an expert on all things financial and tax for both franchisors and franchisees alike. Nitin has spent more than 35 years advising franchise operations on a broad range of aspects from raising start-up finance to franchise exit and sales.       

Andre Wall

Franchisee Recruitment Consultant

Andre is an expert at professionally presenting franchise brands to potential franchise partners and can guide new franchisees from new enquiry to completed franchise agreement.  

Issues Persist Within This Industry. Be Cautious Of Fake Gurus & Unqualified Experts.

With extensive experience in the industry, we’ve observed numerous new franchise brands emerging only to achieve minimal success or vanish entirely. Despite over 1000 franchise operations in the UK, many seem to disappear without a trace. Too often, it seems the only beneficiaries are the companies charging fees for franchise development. This results in no value creation, dissatisfied franchisors, disappointed franchisees, and unhappy customers, leading to the proliferation of “zombie” franchise brands and financial losses.

We believe that franchise formation marks the beginning, not the end. That’s why we’re committed to revolutionising the industry with our specialised franchise marketing agency and integrated sales call centre.

While some providers may attempt to appear more results-oriented, they lack the infrastructure and sales-focused approach that sets us apart. A brief conversation and due diligence will reveal the uniqueness of our services.

Established Suppliers To Assist You On Your Franchising Journey

We maintain partnerships with franchising divisions at top Banks & Asset Finance firms, providing assurance as we aid your new franchise venture. Additionally, we can suggest the services of numerous seasoned and reputable franchising suppliers, from Fit-Out Contractors to Chartered Accountants, capable of meeting all your requirements and those of your franchise network.

Cost Effective Franchise Development London UK

Franchising your business doesn’t have to be rigid and costly. Many outdated practices, companies, and attitudes prevail in the current market landscape, which you’ll likely notice during your due diligence.

We stand as the most results-oriented company in our sector, prioritising franchise sales and the discovery of high-quality franchisees. Continuously innovating, we’re dedicated to outselling any other business in the UK when it comes to franchise sales.

Our Journey & Brands

Our team embarked on our business journey in 2008, bringing extensive experience from executive leadership roles in prominent franchise organisations across the UK. Since then, we’ve cultivated a diverse range of services and brands, all dedicated to delivering the highest quality solutions to the franchise industry. Each service continues to expand and flourish to the present day.
Connect Digital Solutions Ltd
Company Founded

Working with franchise brands across the digital and telecom sector.

Calculated Accountants Ltd
Franchise Accountancy Practice

Extended franchise service offering, providing financial and funding advisory to some of the UK's top franchises. Serving over 100 franchisors and franchisees, for leading brands such as Anytime Fitness and Monkey Puzzle Day Nursery's. 

Franchise My Business
Franchise Consultancy

The Franchise My Business brand (owned by Connect Digital Solutions Ltd) was launched to provide franchise consultancy and advisory to new and existing franchisors. Now working with more than 100 new & leading franchise brands.

Business Connector Software
Franchise Software

The Business Connector brand was launched to save time and on-board your franchisees faster through our comprehensive program. Set tasks, track progress and save time. Rest assured, you are covered with a standardised repeatable and trackable process which offers a reduced time to collecting franchise royalties. 

Franchise Marketplace
Franchise Marketing Platform

The Franchise Marketplace brand was launched to provide a franchise software platform & sales staff augmentation service.

Accredited Mentors
Association Of Business Mentors

Became Accredited Mentor for the UK Government's Help To Grow Scheme.

Business Connector Growth Portal
Courses, Community & Expert Knowledge Portal For Business Growth

Our roadmap will see the creation of a high quality information portal & community providing everything you need to know about growing your business from industry thought leaders.

Our motivation stems from a passionate commitment to help franchise brands like yours realise their growth and potential.

At FMB, we have faith in the franchise model’s ability to empower enthusiastic entrepreneurs. We comprehend the hurdles of expanding a franchise brand and offer proven solutions to aid your success. Our team of franchise consultants (London UK) will engage with transparency and devise a strategy based on our extensive, real-world experience in growing numerous leading brands. We are relentless innovators, blending established best practices and tools. Unconstrained by tradition, we think outside the box to provide you with a significant advantage.

Through our premier franchisee recruitment platform, we deploy market-tested campaigns crafted to resonate with potential franchisees and drive sales. We accompany you on the journey, sharing both risk and reward through a mutually aligned partnership.